Our Services

Money Transfers

If you need to send or receive money we offer Western Union® money transfer services. It’s easy to send money to friends or family almost anywhere in the world! You can also pick up money and receive it in the form of cash or have it loaded onto one of our prepaid debit cards.

Money Orders

Money orders are a safe and reliable payment device. At United Check Cashing our money orders go up to $1,000.

Bill Payments

You can bring in your bill statements and cash and we can send your bill payment electronically to the biller. Hundreds of billers are accepted. We offer one day or two day bill posts. It’s quick, easy and convenient.

  • Phone / Cell Phone
  • Utility (Gas, Electric, Water)
  • Cable TV / Internet
  • Credit Cards
  • Many More!

Prepaid Debit Cards

We offer MasterCard® and Visa® branded debit cards. Debit Cards allow you to get the convenience of credit without the hassles! You can shop online or by phone, pay bills anywhere or access cash anytime when needed. Debit Cards are even safer than cash. If your card is lost or stolen you can call to get a replacement

Additional Services

We offer a variety of other convenient services:

  • ATM
  • Notary Public
  • Tax Preparation
  • We Buy Gift Cards
  • Prepaid Mobile Phone Top-up
  • Fax / Copy Service
  • Stamps
  • Note: Additional services vary by location

Hours: Mon-Weds 9am-6pm, Thurs-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-3pm

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